Everything is going pretty well at the Wolftown Jail. The noise, at night, of those who do not accept being locked up, private messages shouted through the windows from floor to floor. It's dinner time. Accompanied by MATAR, the head guard, the cart goes from cell to cell, two convicts at a time.
Fred and Ahmed, two young drug addicts, 20 and 35 years old, KING and Potter, one spending his days in the weight room and the other with his books, there is also HENRY, 50 years old and Mathieu, in his twenties, one pedophile and murderer and the other freshly arrived, help themselves serving dinner under the looks of contempt of the old matonne.

One evening, two young men arrive from who knows where. Calm, polite, they let themselves be locked in the 9m2 cell without a word and each of them lie down on their bed without flinching and just wait ... They wait their turn to ... eat! 

Considering that the prison is a huge supermarket where food cannot escape, this is the perfect place for two Lupus (half men, half werewolf) who just have to help themselves!  

10 Things You Need to Stop Doing to Start Living a Happier Life



Between Christmas and New Years eve, a storm threatens a small village lost in the mountains.

During the night, an individual dressed in a simple black cloth comes to desecrate the church. CAIN, his wife JÉZABELLE and ANNA, their 8-year-old silent daughter arrive at this village for the weekend. They stay with their friends PATRICK and MARIE, in a distant house, near the woods.
The elders tell that the BRAMBORK haunts the place, feeding on the most intimate fears of its victims to push them to suicide. By the fire, MARIE, six months pregnant, is the center of attention. Sharp pains in her lower abdomen prompted her to accept a hypnosis session by CAIN, psychologist and hypnotherapist. In reality, CAIN's goal is to gain ascendancy over the spirit of MARY to use her body as a welcoming receiver/ receptacle for the ANTICHRIST.

Under the authority of FATHER LUCAS (profaner of the church), CAIN, JÉZABELLE and PATRICK perform a reverse exorcism on MARY in which they force ANNA to participate.  



 Welcome to SYMPATHY, the most welcoming city in the United States. It is good to live in this place where all the inhabitants are happy, smiling and ready to do anything to help their neighbors.

This happy community is also a vacation spot for a large number of city dwellers who come to enjoy its forest and giant barbecues organized by its mayor Georges Wilson, under the benevolent eye of his sheriff Brockner and Father Adam, the priest of this commune not so common!

A group of 4 students from Los Angeles decide to stay there in order recharge their batteries before the end-of-year exams. Comprising of two couples, one of them being gay, the young people move into a chalet they have rented on the outskirts of town.
Tony, Sylvia, Matt and Cameron make fun of the overly considerates inhabitants and most of all, they are amazed by the size of the powerhouse that’s located at the edge of the town.

At nightfall, the public lighting is very powerful. It seems we are almost in broad daylight. Sheriff Brockner explains to the young tourists that it's just a matter of safety ...